Intelligently Powered

Introducing the first series of intelligent products which propose a fully integrated communication and electricity distribution system for homes, businesses, industries and government institutions– using a single set of wires.

Products are autonomous on their own, but have been engineered to be integrated as a complete safe and secure distribution system for monitoring, control and reporting of electricity and data communication in all environments.

Traditionally, in electrical distribution most products are passive. Brainwave’s advanced proprietary technology allows for integrated operations of electrical equipment from load to breaker panel.

Imagine a world where your appliances, receptacles, junction boxes, and breaker panel(s) communicate with each other to operate in unison while providing ultimate safety, monitoring and control for electrical and data communication for homes, businesses, industries and government service – using a single set of wires.

Our Break-Through Technologies

Brainwave’s core technology is the world’s most advanced electrical fault detection technology. It is the only technology which identifies electrical arcs (such as series arcs) in real time, and disconnects the power upon detection. Brainwave’s technology also differentiates legitimate arcs created by such devices/appliances as motors, vacuum cleaners and other devices having a normal initial surge of power.

Brainwave’s core technologies are transformational product offerings:

  1. AllSafe Receptacle
  2. Intelligent Junction Box
  3. AllSafe Powerstrips and Adaptors
  4. Communication switching
  5. Wired and wireless communication chips for all of Brainwave’s Products
  6. Brainwave’s Power and Communication switching
  7. Integrated circuitry for intelligent and safe appliances and circuit breakers

Our Commitment to the Future

Brainwave’s motivation behind the creation of these technologies is a passionate commitment to the elimination of electrical fires in homes, businesses, industries and government institutions – making the world safer for all of us.

By integrating power and data communication distribution in a single system using a single set of wires, Brainwave is committed to deliver an affordable integrated delivery system allowing for complete monitoring, control and reporting of electricity and data communication in all environments.

Our History in Innovation

“Traditionally Brainwave works with world leading corporations to maximize the impact of bringing its products to the world.

Due to the over-arching nature of the new product series and technology, Brainwave has initiated discussions with world leaders presently distributing and/or manufacturing electrical and data communications equipment.”

Breaking News: UL Certification

Our Brainwave module has received UL component level recognition.

License and/or white label our AllSafe® All-In-One electrical safety module.

In final testing phase. Upgrade your existing receptacles to incorporate GFCI, AFCI, surge protection, over current, over voltage and more – by replacing your existing GFCI circuit board. AFCI that really works! And minimize false, nuisance tripping.