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Brainwave Products Inc. is the worldwide distributor of the innovative, proprietary products engineered by Brainwave Research Corporation. Brainwave Products Inc. also represents and distributes on an exclusive basis a number of other products designed for contractors in the electrical, telecom and construction industries.

Based on decades of experience in research & development, developing “world first” products, protecting intellectual property and in building and managing high growth technology companies, Brainwave’s founders believe in allocating significant investment and resources to continued problem-solving based R&D.


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Sky Power
Rene Pardo, CEO of BRAINWAVE, is a distinguished financier, innovator and founder of multiple high-tech start-ups. His personal initiatives have triggered well over $100 million of research & development.

As an innovator himself, in 1969 Rene co-invented the world’s first electronic spreadsheet. The spreadsheet software was used by AT&T and the plant budgeting operations of all 18 US telephone companies, Bell Canada nationwide, and General Motors in Michigan. A pioneer in human-computer user interfaces, Rene co-invented and developed the first online educational multimedia game, developed the first online conference registration system and created the first artistic computer animation with Norman McLaren at the National Film Board.

In the 70’s and 80’s, as founder of Lanpar Technologies, Rene spearheaded the development, manufacturing and distribution of proprietary computer software and hardware. This publicly traded company was one of the industry leaders for over 10 years.

In the early 2000’s Rene moved into the Green sector, bringing together world leading scientists who invented and developed one of the world’s most advanced energy storage technologies (acquired by Axion Power). He then co-launched Mobile Cube, a portable solar & wind powered system producing clean drinking water and electricity for emerging nations. As well, he financed and introduced the world’s first area lighting LED light bulbs & fluorescent tube lighting LED replacement.

Rene is a strategic advisor to SkyPower Corp, the largest developer and owner of utility-scale solar energy projects in the world.

As a co-founder of Brainwave Research Corporation, he focuses on innovation, patents, licensing and distribution of proprietary electrical products.

Rene is a graduate of McGill University (B.Sc.) and Harvard Graduate School of Education (M.Ed.). His passion for advanced and disruptive technologies has led him to 3D printing in space, drones, and satellites.

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